Workshops in Brixton with the Remakery

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The first upcycling cardboard decoration accessory workshops organized in Brixton

, thanks to the Remakery, a future co-working space for local re-use and upcycling enterprises based in the same area, in south London (     and

During these 3 hour workshops, participants learn how to design their own lampshade or frame out of salvaged cardboard.
From a wide point of view, these kind of workshops bring into focus the issue of consumption and waste in Europe (where private consumption of manufactured goods has doubled in the last 30 years, while waste has trebled). 
The workshops propose an alternative perspective: seeing waste streams as a rich source of potentially useful and valuable materials. 
Participants will be informed and inspired by a practical example of upcycled product and creative re-use techniques with waste cardboard, highlighting the necessary and possible transition from a linear economy to a circular one.
Such workshops are one of simple ways to empower people for a more sustainable society: once they know the techniques, they will be autonomous all along their life to rethink and create their own interior design, in this example, with cardboard!
Le premier atelier de création d’accessoires de décoration en carton, organisé à Brixton, grâce à the Remakery, une future ressourcerie et ateliers mutualisés de créations à partir de matériaux de récupération qui ouvrira ses portes à Brixton, au sud de Londres, en septembre 2012.
Cet atelier de 3 heures propose aux participants de réaliser leur propre abat-jour ou cadre en carton.

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