Cabinet « Mani testa cuore »

My identity card:
I am made of 100 % salvaged cardboard, collected in Brixton (London) on a modest trolley.
My front, back and external coating stem from different Brixton village market cardboard boxes.
My collage is made with used place mat from the « O fiore mio » pizzeria in Faenza, Italy (the best pizzas ever! ).

It took 22 hours to make me. I have my designer’s signature on my bottom.

My dimensions: 60 x 33 X 110 cm.
I have one drawer, 3 shelves (one with integrated lighting) and 5 little lateral niches. I am completely protected by some varnish, so I am waterproof.
I am part of the « Dolce Vita » collection.

A clone of me can be done with a raw finish to decorate it yourself or made with your personalized finish, on-demand.
It is also possible to ask for your own shape, measures, decoration on-demand for cabinets or other kind of furniture and accessories.
If you wish to learn how to create your own cardboard furniture, ask for trainings by e-mail.

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